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Nominal Similar Bishop is Much Troublesome for Churches of Pakistan.

Karachi. August 14. The all churches congregation of Pakistan in a press release have said that Nominal Pastor Salamat Khokher who writes Rev.before his name and called himself Rev. He has false documents about Ordination and Seminary Certificates
Mr.Salamat Khokher belongs as he (States) belong to Sammy Tippit Ministries but Mr. Sammy Tippit say that Salamat Khokher no concern with our Ministry. We got information that he is not national director of voice of mission (USA) The degrees of Leader ship with Salamat Khokhar have from Christian training Leadership Training Institute USA that is run by Mr. George Hack when I was investigated from Mr. George Hack he gave of in writing that we do not have such record in our Institute.

The signatures of Paul Bryant are totally false Mr. Salamat Khokhar can not proof that he is qualified from any Institute and can not proof that he is ordain Minister. He is not Chairman of all Pakistan Council of Churches. He registered false FIR in the Mehmoodabad Police Station against peoples.

He decides American Embassy to get Visa on behalf of Chairman all Pakistan Council of Churches by he is not and he is nothing. Only one of federal Minister (Col.Rt. S.K.Tressler) His on his back.