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Rev.Salamat Khokher is not Chairman of All Pakistan Council of Churches. He used APCC profile to flee from Pakistan for his vested interests. PCP. Report.

Karachi. August 24. Rev.Khalid Mansoor Soomro, Director Asia, Kalimatullah Fellowship & Evangelism Ministry said in his statement issued today here that Rev.Salamat Khokher son of Sharif Khokher Provided USA Visa Facility on the grounds of Purported
Rev. Soomro said that Rev.Salamat Khokher is not Chairman of All Pakistan Council of Churches as claimed by him. He had previously himself as Formed All Pakistan Council of Churches and appointed himself as its Chairman. Subsequently, new All Pakistan Council of Churches (APCC) was formed and duly got registered with relevant govt agencies. Rev.Salamat Khokher was dismissed as the chairman of the (APCC) by the General Body of the All Pakistan formed of Churches due to his negative attitude and misusing of power and in his place appointed Rt.Rev.Bishop Inayat Masih Bhatti as its Chairman.

Despite his dismissal, Rev.Salamat Khokher Continued to falsely pose and identify himself as chairman of legal APCC.

That for falsely identifying himself as chairman, APPC Rev.Salamat Khokher was issued a Legal Notice and September 09, 2001 (copy enclosed) by the legal Advisor of APCC and directed to immediately stop all his acts and things for behaving as a founder / Chairman of APCC. He chooses not to reply to the aforesaid legal Notice, as he had no material substance to defend his fake identity.

That on March 22, 2002 Rev.Salamat Khokher filed an F.I.R. No.64/2002 with the Police Station Mehmoodabad wherein False allegations of very serious nature was made against me, including alleged threat to his life received by him through e-mail allegedly from a Muslim militant group "Jaish Mohammad" with whom my association was also alleged. It is incredible that despite that fact that I belong to Christian Faith; I was falsely associated with "Jaish Mohammad", an Islamic militant/Jihadi group by taking advantage of familiarity of my name with Muslim names and not adding the word 'Pastor' before my name to conceal identity of my faith.

That as allegations in the aforesaid F.I.R against me were totally false, I presented before the relevant court of law, who granted me interim bail Upon hearing me, vide its order dated March 28-03-2002. That it is incredible and perhaps first time in the history of Pakistan that an F.I.R. has been registered in English language, which was also duly noted by the court of law which heard my case.

That despite the fact that I was cleared by Mr.Ummer Rasheed, DSP P.S. Civil Lines, who was assigned to investigate the threat to the life of Rev.Salamat Khokhar through e-mail and my alleged association with "Jaish Mohammad" Rev.Salamat Khokher managed to register the aforesaid F.I.R with the P.S Mehmoodabad.

Rev. Soomro said thatI have reason to believe that all the acts and drama staged By Rev.Salamat Khokher as reported above was to pose as if his life is under threat from "Jaish Mohammad" militant group only for the purpose of seeking migration to the United States of America, which he had long cherished and on which basis he has reportedly been provided USA visa facility.

"I would therefore earnestly request you to reconsider and re-evaluate the circumstances / evidences which Rev. Salamat Khokher may have provided to the USA Embassy for obtaining of visa so to assess if the same were Miss-represented by him or were fraudulent".