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J Salik lights oil lamps in his residence before moving to new

Islamabad: June 10, 2017. (PCP) J Salik says “I hope that the new house will be more blessed and God will make us more successful than before”

Convener World Minorities Alliance & Organizer Awami Maseeha Party Mr. J Salik left his residence, House #1, St. #31, G-6/2, Melody, Islamabad with burning lamps of ghee (Illumination) last night and shifted to House No. 12, St. No. 39, G-6/2 Melody, Islamabad.

Mr. J Salik was residing for last three years in this house and God blessed him abundantly in this house and he enjoyed much happiness here so Mr. J Salik decided to leave this house in a memorable way (Illumination).

On this occasion, he said that 21 years ago while I was leaving minister house I offered my thanking prayer and made no howl but I left that house with camels and I hoped that God will definitely bless me more than this.

I am going to my new (rented) house with the hope that it will be more blessed for me than the previous one. He told that it is height of God’s mercy that after 40 years I have started my own business to support myself and the poor’s. J Salik Rozgar Scheme will help the poor and jobless people to make them successful; I hope we will go towards betterment. Flag opening ceremony will be done tomorrow morning in the new house (House No. 12, St. No. 39, G-6/2 Melody, Islamabad).