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Pray for Christian facing trial due to faith in Iran

Pray for Christian facing trial due to faith in Iran

Tehran: June 16, 2017. Iranian Christians request prayer for Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz, Amin Afshar Naderi and Hadi Asgari. On the morning of Sunday 11th June there was a second hearing in the case against these three Christian men in Tehran.

Pastor Victor and Amin were arrested on 26th December 2014 at a Christmas celebration at Pastor Victor's home, together with a number of other Christians. Pastor Victor has been verbally charged with "conducting evangelism", "illegal house church activities" and "Bible printing and distribution", among other charges. He was released on bail on 1st March 2015.

Amin has been charged with "acting against national security" and "insulting the sacred" (blasphemy). Hadi was not present at the Christmas celebration in 2014 at Pastor Victor's home, but was charged with "acting against national security" and "organising and creating house churches" after he was arrested in August 2016 at a picnic in Firuzkuh.

Pastor Victor, Amin and Hadi were requested to attend yesterday's hearing and did so. However, they were not permitted to defend themselves verbally and were asked to write down statements in their defence and submit these written statements to the judge.

The judge is due to give a verdict within ten days.

Courtesy: Middle East Concern


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