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Christian man accused under blasphemy on demanding repairing services wage from Muslim

Lahore: June 17, 2017. (Qaisar Loudhi) On 15 june 2017 Muhammad Ishtiaq son of Haji Muhammad Rafique caste Miraasi he came on the shop of Ashfaq Masih son of Yaqoob Masih residential of green town, baghariyan road Lahore. To repair his bicycle and Ashfaq Masih repaired and asked him for the money and he replied to him that I am a Sadhu person and you should have to give me owner but Ashfaq Masih said to him I only believe on Jesus Christ not others so please gave me the money which I repaired your bicycle.

After to hear that Muhammad Ishtiaq blamed on him that he uses abusing words against holy prophet and lodged FIR (First Information Report) against Ashfaq Masih under section 295C PPC in Police station green town baghariya Road Lahore.

According to FIR Muhammad Ishtiaq who is complaint claimed that on 15 June 2017 approximately 12 PM he was sit in his shop and using Abuse words against Holy Prophet and the other hand Muhammad Irfan son of Muhammad Mumtaz caste Mughal, Muhammad Nawaz son of Muhammad Taajdeen Caste Raajpoot, Muhammad Naveed son of Muhammad Ashraf and others went together on the shop of Ashfaq Masih and said to him to stop this nonsense but he kept abusing.

The Police has been lodged FIR and send to Ashfaq Masih into the Jail.