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Sindhi Nationalist leader demands recovery of abducted Hindu girl

Hyderabad: June 22, 2017. (PCP) Central chairman of the Sindhi Sangat Sindh Mansoor Khaskheli expressed sympathy and solidarity with family of abducted Hindu teenager girl RAVITA and strongly condemned forced religious conversion of underage Hindu girls in Sindh Pakistan and demanding for the recovery of ‘abducted’ Hindu girl Ravita victim of forced mirage and forced religious conversion.

In a issued statement Mansoor Khaskheli, further said Sindhi Hindu girls are the victims of forced religious conversion. Every year several cases of forced religious conversions reported in Sindh, Pakistan. But in the most cases culprits often go unpunished therefore such incidents are continuously increasing. Cases of forced religious conversions are increasing because Pakistan government is not taking serious actions against culprits. Forced conversion of an underage girl, belonging to the low caste Meghwar community and her “unlawful marriage” is a crime against humanity and Human Rights violation.

Hindu and Christian are insecure in Pakistan unfortunately religious minorities are worst victims of religious extremists in Pakistan, government is so for proved unable to protect their religious minorities. Abducted Sindhi Hindu girl Ravita had just attained the age of 16 when she was “kidnapped by influential community on 07 June 2017.

Pir Ayub Jan Sarhandi notorious extremist of Samaro town of Umerkot district, Sindh, Pakistan is also involved in her forced religious conversion. However, instances of forced conversion in Sindh had become the order of the day, a number of seminaries in the Hindu-majority areas of Umerkot and Tharparkar districts but the Gulzar-i-Khalil seminary was also notorious one where numerous conversions took place and notorious Pir Ayob Jan Sarhandi is patronizing forced religious conversions especially in Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan.

Sindhi Sangat Sindh demanded effective measures against “growing incidents of kidnapping of Hindu girls and their forced marriages. It is important to address the plight of the persecuted religious minorities Hindu and Christian communities and stop the forced conversions. Sindhi Sangat Sindh demands perpetrators involved in forced religious conversion must be brought to the justice and government takes immediate actions against them. Sindhi Sangat Sindh further demanded protection of religious minorities, atrocities against religious minorities Sindhi Hindus and Christians in Sindh, Pakistan must be stopped.