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Barrister Zafarullah urged to apologize on his disrespecting words for Hazrat Essa; J salik

Islamabad: July 15, 2017. (PCP) Convener World Minorities Alliance & Organizer Awami Maseeha Party Mr. J Salik said that Barrister Zafarullah Khan’s statement in which he brought Nawaz Sharif in competition of Hazrat Essa strongly condemnable. He said that one should not match even a good man with Holy entities but Barrister Zafarullah matched a corrupt and a controversial man with a Holy entity, which is a shameful act.

He said that Barrister Zafarullah has no idea that his statement can spread hate and anarchy among the people. He told that I tried to talk to Dr. Tariq Fazal Choudhary regarding this issue and gave message to his PS in this regard but he did not reply yet because they people took minorities as a very weak entity but I want to clear it that minorities are not weak and stop thinking like this. He said that today is the 3rd day and we were waiting him to realize his mistake and may he apologize the nation on his statement but he didn’t do this. He said that I am not in the favor of FIR but it is necessary to bring people on the right path so he has to apologize at any cost.

He said that as we all do mistakes and Hazrat Essa taught us the lesson of forgiveness so Barrister Zafarullah has to call a Press Conference again in PID to apologize on his words to the whole nation at the same place where he disrespects the holy entity as he hurt not only the Christians but the whole nation. He said that if Barrister Zafarullah won’t say sorry to the nation we will protest nationwide.