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Panama Case is lesson for corrupt Pakistani politicians says J Salik

Islamabad: July 24, 2017. (PCP) Get dreadful lesson from the Panama corruption case and deposit the looted wealth back to national possessions. J Salik’s suggestion to all the politicians

Convener World Minorities Alliance & Organizer Awami Maseeha Party Mr. J Salik said that all the politicians should return the looted wealth back to national treasury because we can’t see the defame of our country any more.

He said that as one dirty fish can contaminate a pond this case is a sort of embarrassment for all the politicians because first they looted the country with both the hands and then spent a lot from national possession to hide their corruption without any hesitation, Pakistan is our country we can’t allow anyone to destroy it or defame it any more.

He said we have the brilliant examples of Khulafa e Rashideen, who stayed hungry to feed someone else, who didn’t save money, who presented themselves for accountability even for a piece of cloth and who never hesitate for any sacrifice to fulfil the needs of others. He said that people are dying here with hunger and killing themselves because of unbearable hunger but it is making no difference to anyone because we are extremely busy in corruption but even the death of a dog with hunger was mattered a lot for Khulafa e Rashideen. He said that the history showed that no Khalifa could be rich at all.

J Salik suggested all the politicians to get lesson from this case of corruption and correct their ways.