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Concern on Minority Graveyard inundated with Drainage Water

HYDERABAD: July 28, 2017. (PCP) Pakistan Rights of Hindu Minority Foundation convener Naraindas Soomro has expressed grave concern on inundation of minority graveyard Tando Yousuf with dirty drainage water due to which grave were being desecrated with land gabbers in wait to occupy graveyard land. In a statement Soomro said Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has failed to drain out gutter and rain water from minority graveyard.

He exclaimed as to where amount of Rs. 5 million earmarked for construction of compound wall and other component of this graveyard has gone as not a single rupee has been spent on graveyard improvement. He said minority MPA Gianchand Israni has announced this amount while Hinglaj program at Hyderabad last year. He demanded immediate draining out of rain and gutter water from Tando Yousuf graveyard otherwise they would be compelled to stage Dharnas.