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South Asian Community in the Capital Region of NY state condemn terror attack in New York

Albany: November 1, 2017. (PCP) The leading members of South Asian Community Mr. Nisar Khan, Mr. Akbar Khan, Mr. Ripon Roy and Iftikhar Khan in a press statement have strongly condemned the attacks today in New York City.

The community members said that losing a Life is an offensive crime and has to be condemned at all levels. It is also with Pain we condemn the incident.

“We ask the Mayor the Legislature the office of Senator Hon Chuck Schumer Junior Senator Hon Kirsten Gillibrand, Hon Congressman Paul Tonko and the Local leadership to have more training and hire within the Community a local Citizen Officers team that should be available 24/7 in such an incident if such a scenario must rise” added community leaders

This is condemnable by all levels; The People from the Ethnic Group have suffered enough and have settled in the Capital region for Protection and not to be torched by the Such words that were used by the Officer "If you're going to live in this country, you need to learn to speak English." This is reported by the Local Times Union a Leading News Paper covering the Story, of the Elite Team of Albany Police, the very Officers that need to protect the Citizens in America. We would like to have the Local Civic organizations to reach out to the Families and the Ethnic communities members and discuss programs and offer support to protect and bridge the gap that is built from this incident in Albany.

As for the incident in New York this Barbaric attack is condemnable from all ends, and we ask the FBI and the task Forces to work within the local community leadership to have a working relationship to stop such incident from happening. We are New Yorkers resilient and forgoing. We cannot forget 911 and don’t support anyone connected to such activity. We ask the local Ethnic community leadership to Help the Community at this time and we stand in awe and sorrow for the victims from Argentina and Belgian.

The South Asian Community is organizing a Press Conference to discuss the issues at hand.