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Christmas Message with A Poem HAPPY BIRTHDAY OF THE PRINCE OF PEACE. By Dr. Stephen Gill

I sincerely wish everyone happy birthday of the Prince of Peace in spite of the fact the birth of the Prince of Peace is not easy to celebrate in the true sense of the joy because of the obvious clashes between the culture of violence and the culture of non-violence. One culture believes in free thinking, striving for equality before law. The other culture strives to suffocate free thinking, denying even the basic human rights to minorities in the name of religion. It is an enigma for the culture of free thinking and equality to save the citizens of the global village from the maniac messiahs who are frenzied by a Being that no one can claim to have seen, and needs armed people to butcher armless citizens, including children and old people.

I would console mothers who have lost their young ones to the frenzy of these maniac messiahs with the few words from canto 30 of my modern epic The Flame on terrorism:


do not weep.

Befuddled by the frightening fancies

the social lepers wander

among the denominations of malice

brazen about their endless idols

to worship the bubbles

of the self.

Shed your tears with cries

from the skies of your fond memories

to awaken their conscience

slumbering in the shambles of brutality.

Offer your hymns to a new birth.

Your children

baptized with your tears

sail on the white wings….

For maniac messiahs who follow an ideology to kill and be killed, I would quotes my lines from the front page of A Study in Stephen Gill’s Novel The Coexistence, edited by Professor Shobha Diwakar from India and Professor Olimpia Iacob from Romania:

Where there is no peace there is no health and where there is no health there is no prosperity and meaning in living. Peace, health and prosperity walk together. Bloodbath creates fear, not peace. I have often said that peace is the legitimate child of peaceful means.


Stephen Gill