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Christian attorney appeals CJ of SCP to take Suo Moto notice on Shahdara blasphemy case

Karachi: February 27, 2018. (PCP) Human Rights Activist and Christian Lawyer Allomia ul Raj Raj strongly condemn the incident took place at the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Punjab headquarters building during investigation of blasphemy case.

She said in view of the blasphemy past cases filed against the religious minorities by the majority community of Pakistan, almost in all cases no any sufficient evidences have been provided by the complainants.

She said Article 10-A of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan provide rights to every citizen of fair trial and due process of law rights, but in all cases mob always try to take law under their hand, burn religious minorities villages, churches and mandirs and so that judges and courts become under pressure of religious parties.

She sympathized with the families of those who are deliberately involved by the complainants in the blasphemy cases.

She urged that the UN must look into the silent genocide of religious minorities happening in Pakistan.

She said no one jumps out of a several story high window unless he is put in extreme terror pain or humiliation. Hence, Investigating Officer and his team must be arrested by the government as suspects for willful torture and attempted murder.