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Pakistani Christian Diaspora protest on misuse of blasphemy in front of 10 Downing Street

London: March 12, 2018. (PCP) 100s of Christians have protested against the crucial and Misuse of Blasphemy Law of Pakistan in front of 10 Downing street London. 10.03.2018.

On 18.02.2018 A young Pakistani Christian boy Patrus Masih have been accused of false blasphemy 295 C at Lahore Pakistan. Meanwhile the local police arrested Mr. Sajid Masih the cousin brother of Patrus for interrogation and during the interrogation the FIA police pushed Sajid Masih from off 4th floor of the office.

Because of that crucial and radicalized act of the police many Christians from all over the world protested for that kind of brutal and harsh torture of Sajid and Patrus. Christians from all over the Great Britain participated for the protest at Downing street London During that protest a petition has been submitted to Prime Minister Theresa May to exercise her influence on the Pakistani authorities.