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Minority leaders Thank Justice Hani on Directive to build Graveyard wall

HYDERABAD: April 18, 2018. (By Abbas Kassar) Leaders of Christian community of Hyderabad have thanked judicial water commission chairman Justice(retired) Amir Muslim Hani for his visit of Tando Yousuf minority graveyard and after thorough for issuing directives to Mayor Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to carry out sanitation work of ancient graveyard and also to build compound wall around it so to prevent desecration of graves.

In a statement issued here the leaders of community chairman Tando Yousuf Minority graveyard committee Imtiaz Boota,general secretary Raja Hans Raj Norang Advocate. Dr. Babu Lal, Dr. Mithoo Rana, Dr. Amarshi Thakur, Ashfaq Bhatti, Pushpa Kumari, Nasreen Masih, Ramesh Papoo Balmiki, Khalid Gill, Tariq Bhatti, Irfan Khokhar, Wasim Izak, Wilson Baga, Dr. Gulzar Gill, Chandoo Ram, Chetram, Danish Yakoob, Younis Gill, Parvez Khokhar, Christoper, minority councilors Girdharilal, Dhelaram, Lalchand have lauded the personal interest of justice on plight of minorities graveyard where minority communities were unable even to bury their dead because of filth and heaps of garbage in and around graveyard.

Now that justice Hani has issued orders for cleanliness and also construction of compound wall so to ensure safety of graveyard. They have hoped that HMC would follow orders of justice that could bring end to difficulties to minorities.