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Muslims kidnap Teenage Christian girl and forcibly marry with handicap Muslim man

Sahiwal: May 28, 2018. (PCP) A 55 years old Christian father of 12 years old Ribqa Bibi after knocking every door for justice for recovery of his daughter from influential Muslim family and their companions approaches Christian attorney Javed Sahotra office for his support to ensure justice.

Ch. Javed Sahotra told Pakistan Christian Post that Rasheed Masih came to his office with tears in his eyes on May 25, 2018 and said he was married to Zareena Bibi aged 53 years in 1988 according to Christianity because I and my family are Christian, God gifted me three daughters and one son, daughters are Maria aged 28 years, Rabia aged 24 years, and younger one is Ribqa aged 12years and 7 months on the date of her abduction. Ribqa Bibi was born on 8 September 2005 and son is Naveed Masih aged 18 years.

Rasheed Masih is laborer with a land lord and works in the fields, he is residing in village 82/6r Sahiwal with his family since forefathers.

On fateful day of 9 April 2018 when he was out of his house at 8 am, Kausar daughter of Ghulam Mustafa and Mariam wife of Ghulam Mustfa Muslims and resident of same village came to my house and requested to my wife that please send Ribqa with us to city Sahiwal and we will come back after two hours.

Due to village relationship my wife allowed my minor daughter to go with them. I also with Yasir Masih son of Bakhshish Masih and Hameed Masih brother reached at bridge 82/6r to go to work and there I saw a car in which Waqas Mustafa disable man his mother Mariam, his sister Kausar, sunny and Danish Haider were running to city Sahiwal along with my minor daughter Ribqa, we chased the car meanwhile they stopped the car and Sunny and Danish came out from the car and threatened us with their pistols and said if you come after our car you would be murdered and they ran away very fast to city Sahiwal. Rasheed said they abducted my minor daughter only to rape her. He gave this statement to the police, police station Feteh Sher Sahiwal and police lodged FIR no 206/18 dated18-4-18 against Muslims accused person 5 in number and under offence 365 b of Pakistan penal code.

Accused persons took her to another city Depalpur where they got her converted in Islamic religion and then got married her with accused Waqas according to Muslim religion who is disable and walks on his foot because his legs are very weak and he is 25 years old Muslim man.

According to child marriage restraining act 2013, female under 16 years is child. Minor child cannot change her religion she will be remain on her father religion till majority.