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Sikh Human Right activist killed in Peshawar

Pakistan: May 30, 2018. (PCP) Sardar Charanjeet Singh, a human rights defender and Interfaith Harmony activist was shot dead by target killers in Peshawar city by unknown motor bike riders.

The target killing in different parts of Pakistan when unknown attackers kill human right activists and minority community individuals.

Sardar Charanjeet Singh’s photo waving Pakistani Flag became viral on social media as his assassination news spread in Pakistan.

There are hundreds of Sikh families who migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan and India who were living from centuries in this area but Talban government declared them infidel and forced them to migrate.

The Sikhs who were living in FATA area governed by Pakistan like Afghanistan were forced to leave Tribal Belt with Afghanistan after Talban of Pakistan TTP took control of FATA. The Sikhs moved to major cities like Peshawar and other.

The wave of anger and fear spread among Sikh Community in Pakistan after target killing of Sardar Charanjeet Singh.