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SACC :Condemn killings of Christians in Pakistan.

NCC India. September 25. On behalf of the South Asian Council of Churches, Dr. S.M Chowdhury, Coordinator, SACC, NCC Bangladesh Rev. Dr. Ipe Joseph, Coordinator, SACC, NCC, India Rev.Ebenezer Joseph, NCC Sri Lanka Mr. Subodh Adhikari, NCC Bangladesh
We stand in solidarity with the Christians in Pakistan and also with the National Council of Churches in Pakistan in this hour of crisis. We share the pain and sorrow of our brothers and sisters who lost their dear ones in this brutal attack. This again brings to our urgent attention the need of a pro-active approach towards overcoming violence. We need to take all possible steps to bring about harmony and peace in South Asia. Majorities and minorities need to work together to overcome violence of all forms. The churches and NCCs are called upon to take the initiative in this matter. The struggle will be hard and long, but the survival of the world community will depend mainly on such initiatives.