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Selection of Imran Khan as PM spreads wave of fear among Pakistani Christians

Islamabad: August 20, 2018. (PCP) The Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa invites Pakistani Christian Bishops on last Friday to seek support for Pakistan Army selected Prime Minister Imran Khan under cover of honoring Cardinal Joseph Coutts recently elevated by Vatican Council.

The Bishops of Catholic Church of Pakistan and Bishops of Church of Pakistan were present to listen General Bajwa to support Pakistan Army Puppet government led by their tool Imran Khan and cautioned to not express their fear or comment on foreign tours on new government before press or public.

According to all opposition political parties, the national general elections of 2018, were rigged and held to bring Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan to continue internal and forging policy as designed by Army establishment.

The institution of National Accountability Bureau NAB and Supreme Court of Pakistan were allegedly brought in front foot to disqualify leaders and settle cases of corruption against those who wished true democracy and only constitutional role of armed forces to obey orders of civilian elected chief executive of Pakistan.

The stand on blasphemy laws and Talban killing of Imran Khan when his party PTI have very little share or no share in government spread wave of fear among Pakistani Christians when he sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan last week.

The sources in Pakistani Church leadership told Pakistan Christian Post on conditions of not stating their names who joined that Banquet of General Bajwa that it was point of simple warning to not mention previous comments and action of Imran Khan with any correspondent of foreign press.