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Canadian Conference.

Ontario. December 30. A most critical and informative event planed to touring across Canada in year 2003 from February 1, 2003, at 1.00 PM at Walper Terrace Hotel and Conference Center at first leg.

The Conference organizers have extended invitations in general of attendance to discuss the issues on Islam, a Religion of Peace? It's important that Islam has become a widely expected religion in Canada, Yet, Is it really a religion of Peace? The conference says that if you ever wanted to know about Islam, but were to afraid to ask, then you should plan to attend this conference to listen these prominent speakers like Mr. John McTernan author and speaker from the USA on " Gods final warning to Islam" and "Mohammed a Prophet like onto Moses?", Rev Mark Harding President of The Canadian Association of Christian Evangelists INC., and Editor of The Christian Standard News Canada, Dr. Stephen Gill Author of over twenty books, Lecturer and Awrd-Winning Poet from Ottawa on issue of "persecution of Christians in Egypt and Pakistan" and Taysir Abu Saada a Fatah (PLO) Fighter from Palestine.