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Christian boy set on fire after confirmation of his faith dies in hospital

Lahore: April 15, 2015. (PCP) Nauman Masih, a 14 years old Christian boy set on fire by two Muslim bike riders died here today in Mayo Hospital after five days fighting for life.
Nauman Masih was set on fire by two Muslim bike riders on April 10, 2015, in vicinity of Gulshan-e-Ravi in Lahore after confirmation of his Christian faith by the attackers.

He was rushed to Mayo Hospital Lahore with 55% burn injuries and case was registered by police against unidentified attackers.

According to statement given by Numan Masih to police; he stated that he is working as a tailor and going to shop when two bike riders stopped him and asked about his religion; when he told them that he is Christian; they started beating him and threw kerosene oil on him and gave it light; they wanted to burn him alive but he ran in street when he was burning and found sand where he tried to put sand on him to stop fire; then some people gathered on his crying and shouts for help who took him to hospital unconscious.

Nauman Masih,s father Rafaqat Masih died 4 years ago and he was working in a tailor shop of one Christian Munir Masih.

The Police is investigating the case of setting Nauman Masih on fire but none of culprit is arrested.