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Muslim mob looting and setting on fire Christian homes after allegation of blasphemy

Lahore: May 24, 2015. (PCP) The CTS, a Christian NGO led by Katherine Sapna reaches DhoopSaari and presents situation of Christian resident as very serious who are hiding in their homes and Muslim mob of thousands
is pelting stones on homes of Christians and looting valuable from homes vacated by fleeing Christians to safe life.

According to media reports, Muslim mob have set on fire one Church and many homes of Christians in DhoopSaari while mentally ill Christian Youth alleged of burning Quran pages is also burnt alive.

Ms Sapna informs PCP that Christian Colony at Gulshan Ravi Dhoop Saari is considered to be one of the big settlement of Christians in Lahore where Muslim alleged a Christian boy of burning pages of Quran here this evening.

CTS team including Ms. Nomee Coordinator, Sunil Karamat Field Officer and Qaiser Yousaf Field Officer, reached at the spot to collect the real facts of the incident. CTS team was the first NGO reached at the spot.

Report says that there was a heavy security (police) deputed on the spot to rescue Christians who are still inside the houses as several Christians have vacant the places and flee for safety. A mob of Muslim extremists is gathered in the area and they stoned on Christians houses. Muslims are looting the Christian’s houses and steeling valuable things. It seemed that Muslims out of control of the police as there is present District Inspector General of Police (DIG) Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and Rana Mashood Khan MNA Member of National Assembly (area politician) they trying to negotiate with the Mullas, local Islamic leaders and Ullamas to make the situation better and to promote peace in this area.

DIG of Police have called Elite Force for the security of Christians and to control the situation.