Fate of Asher Samson after deportation from UK to Pakistan. By Dr. Nazir Bhatti

The news of deportation of Pastor Asher Samson was heard among UK human right activist, Pakistani Christian Diaspora in UK and Christians around world with surprise on substandard immigration policies of Great Britain. I wrote an appeal to Prime Minister of UK Teresa May to full fill legal formal


Pakistan and India unsafe for religious minorities. By Nazir S Bhatti

Pakistani ruling party led by Imran Khan in a Tweet condemn India and Prime Minister Modi on mob killing of one Muslim in Bihar State of India on Cow Theft. The Cow is very Holy creature in Hinduism but its fact that Muslim rulers during Mughal kings and later on being a minority in India have be


Pakistani Christians faced worst religious freedom issues in year 2018. By Nazir S Bhatti

The Pakistani Christians always expressed their grave concerns on imposed election system which forced them to vote for Muslims in their constituencies and accept their representation selected by Muslim leaders on reserved seats in parliament.

As 2018 was election year in Pakistan and d


Islamic extremism is damaging true values of British society. By Nazir S Bhatti

After watching video of one Muslim Taxi Driver from UK and statement of a Muslim Home Secretary of that Pakistani Muslims are criminal tendency more than comparing with other British nationals is very alarming and needs serious actions.

The Britain ruled over half of world for more than


Pakistan Day: March 23, 1940 Resolution and a Pakistani Christian leader. By Nazir Bhatti

It inspired me to write on Resolution of March 23, 1940, when I saw photo of Pakistani Christian leader J Salik on social media with Pakistani Flag in hand standing on snow in one city of Eastern Coast of USA. I not viewed photo of J Salik in any national newspaper of Pakistan nor in any section of


MQM leader Waseem Akhtar and Karachi Police. By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

There is common notion among public and media that Pakistani police is under influence of politician and used as tool to punish opponents instead curbing crime but in reality there are some police officials in Pakistan who are tools of powerful Pakistani establishment and used against innocent polit


Christian leaders of APCL, ICC, NMA and PCCF staged protest in front of EU Building not PPP

According to sources close to Pakistan Christian Post PCP, The Christian leaders in Europe staged protest in front of EU Parliament Building in Strasbourg France on June 6, 2016, for rights of Pakistani Christians.
More than one dozen Christian leaders and activists gathered in front of EU Parliame


Bishop James Dean passed away; By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Ch. James Dean slept in Lord on January 26, 2015, in Faisalabad leaving behind mourning family, congregates and thousands of friends throughout world. He founded Presbyterian Church in Pakistan and kept spreading message of Holy Bible in far flung areas of Punjab province of Pak


Premier Nawaz Sharif had prior knowledge of Altaf Hussain’s arrest? By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

The British High Commission Karachi was temporarily shut down and all diplomatic staff flew back to UK, a night earlier before arrest of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain in money laundering case in London on June 3, 2014. The investigations of money laundering case against Altaf Hussain was initiated when Lo


Will Pakistan ever give right to vote to minorities like India? By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

The national general elections of 2014, of Indian Lok Sabha are underway, leaving behind many questions in minds of religious minorities of Pakistan that will they ever be able to enjoy true democratic voting right in Islamic Republic of Pakistan ever? The answer to this question is very Big No; bu


Muslim-Christian tools of British Raj and Resolution of Pakistan; By Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

After 74 years of Pakistan Resolution or known as Lahore Resolution of March 23, 1940, adopted by All India Muslim League, we, the millions of Pakistani Christians are treated like slaves in a state for which our forefathers played positive role during Pakistan Movement and stood shoulder to should


Christians are fleeing from Pakistan where Gul Sher will flee? By Nazir S Bhatti

Today in a meeting with a friend, when I told him that Dr. Paul Bhatti, former Religious Harmony Minister and brother of Martyr Shahbaz Bhatti has fled from Pakistan after life threats from Punjabi Talban on pursuing case of Shahbaz Bhatti murder in anti-terrorist court.
My friend was not surprise


Bahawalpur Church carnage 2001, she still fears to speak

It was October 28, 2001, day of Sunday; 8 o’clock in morning, city of Bahawalpur in Southern Punjab of Pakistan and place was St. Dominic Church of Catholic Diocese of Multan where Pastor Rev. Emmanuel Allah Ditta, of Church of Pakistan had to lead Sunday Services instead of routine Catholic Congreg


Pakistani Christians recieve celebration of Minority Day in PML (N) menifesto of Election 2013

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group PML (N) President Mian Nawaz Sharif announced menifesto of Elections 2013, in Lahore on March 7, 2013, in a press conference. The PML (N) is ruling Punjab province of Pakistan from last five years and have strong political base in this province where Christians are


Christian declared to be constitutional "Infidels" by government of Pakistan. By Nazir S Bhatti

In 2010, all Muslim political parties in parliament of Pakistan passed 18th amendment in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In Section 16, this amendment substitutes Article 51, in which Clause 4, reads as "In addition to the number of seats referred to in clause (3), there shall be, in t

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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