Fate of Asher Samson after deportation from UK to Pakistan. By Dr. Nazir Bhatti


The news of deportation of Pastor Asher Samson was heard among UK human right activist, Pakistani Christian Diaspora in UK and Christians around world with surprise on substandard immigration policies of Great Britain. I wrote an appeal to Prime Minister of UK Teresa May to full fill legal formalities with providing Pastor Samson an opportunity of interview and his deportation process may be put on hold and justice for which Britain is famous for may be ensured. I also wrote in my letter that life of Pastor Samson will be under grave threat after deportation to Pakistan.

What happens with deportee from different countries to Pakistan? They are handed over to Federal Investigation Agency FIA on airport who take them in custody and move them to detention centers. As mostly Muslims from Middle Eastern countries are deported who are found entering in those countries on fake visas provided by human traffickers and they pay heavy fines for release from jails or detention centers but mostly such deportees had Muslim relatives in high up government positions who using influence take them from FIA custody. The FIA is infamous for taking bribes and releasing person deported from different countries at airports. Moreover, a record in maintained of every deportee reaching at Pakistani airports which is used against them from time to time.

I not know nor any other knows that UK police traveled with Asher Samson to Pakistan and under what they write in report because if FIA at Pakistani airport is handed over to FIA with reports that UK denied him asylum then he will be treated differently not like any common deportee.

Pakistan Mission in Bangkok, Colombo and other Eastern Asian countries where thousands of Pakistani Christians have fled after persecution and victimization under blasphemy laws in Pakistan are labeling them as stigma on image of Pakistan and conspiring to bring them back to Pakistan and charge them under laws of treason.

There are reports that Christians who left their claims of applied refugee status with UNHCR were notified in media by FIA and later charged under blasphemy charges.

The life of Pastor Asher Samson in Pakistan after deportation will be not safe and may be he had to live in hiding for rest of his life as Muslim extremists keep following the victims of persecution.

The decision of deportation on Asher Samson is very sad and leaves black mark on judicial system of UK who not ensured justice for a person who was under threat in Pakistan but created more insecurity for his life and property after his deportation.

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