Christian employees of Hyderabad city corporation and advance Christmas salaries.


From decades it's a routine as principal in pakistan that Muslim employees of municipal corporations and committees all over pakistan pay advance salaries on religious eves and christian employees are also paid in advance on Christmas and Easter eves

It's never a bonus payment but an advance payment and administration have no obligations to keep this issue alive. The Muslim employees have not met with any such situation that these advance payments have been delayed or neglected as whole to celebrations but Christian employees face problems every year in different municipal establishments regarding these advance payments on Christmas. In this millennium, when the attitudes of amendments and reformations have been vowed in different walks of life by the administrations and respective establishments on globe, in Pakistan the Christian employees have been facing same hardships and miseries. Instead of celebration of Christmas, the Christmas employees of Municipal Corporation and relevant committees were observing strikes to demand the advance payments for purchasing of food and clothes for their families.
The Christian employees in these corporations fall in grade four pay scales being the lowest pay scale in Pakistan. The majority of Christian community is employed as sanitary workers in these corporations and counted in the graph of population below poverty line in Pakistan. The Christians social and economic problems can be viewed in the light of this situation and only moments of happiness are these religious eve celebrations when the buy new clothes, join in prayers with friends and family relatives in churches and can enjoy the good food. The Christians have been deprived of their rights to own different business establishments in catering fields, due to hate rate among religious communities in Pakistan and the only source of income for poor Christians are these lowest grade employment.
This Christians strike is also very important because the new city governments are in control of these establishments and unjust behavior toward christian employees is very surprising in the first year of power by the elected representatives and christian councilors are present in these city government to voice the Christians problems in these mini assemblies. We stress upon these city government to avoid such incidents like Hyderabad municipal corporations in future of advance payments on Christmas and Easter eves

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