Once again another referendum in Pakistan for power.


In his speech to nation General Mushraf have claimed that his government have saved the country and he is supposed to stay in power to keep the country on positive track of democracy. He has also counted the achievements of his government in economic

Its very important questions for nation to discuss that why always the referendums by military rulers to prolong their rule in Pakistan? For instance the claimed made by General Mushraf in his speech are true then he might have adopted democratic means to become the President of of packets and called for ballot on that but he has neglected that path and carried on a un democratic path, which is not constitutional. If he thinks that presidential system deem fit for Pakistan and its in best interests of state to be himself the president of the country on criteria of his best services then hesitation to face polls is not understandable. It means that he had clear doubts that people of Pakistan shall never vote him for President and this is the reason of adoption of his self-called referendum.

From existence of Pakistan, after the early deaths of Jinnah and Liaquat, the country has lost its objectives of independence. The certain forces have kept the true leadership like G. M Syed, Khan Ghaffar Khan, Abul Wali Khan, Asghar Khan, Khair Buksh Muree and many others from power on concerted allegations of being traitors of Pakistan and hijacked the power of state for their interests and same circle emerges on power fronts of Pakistan. If the true democracy with its spirit have been introduced from independence as wished by Founder and Father of Pakistan such incidents have been never occurred that after some period any dictator military ruler have taken over power and destroyed the constitution and will of people of Pakistan.

Its also question before the people of Pakistan that why the Generals claim themselves to be so intelligent, efficient and able leaders every time and reject the leadership of true representatives elected by voters in Pakistan, now its time again that to save the constitution, to save the democracy and integrity of Pakistan when this government have decided to step toward their doors via this new referendum. They shall decide very carefully that they are supposed to approach on their call. They are also suppose to keep constant check that who and how this government claims success in this unconstitutional and undemocratic referendum in Pakistan. Its crystal clear that people of Pakistan are not going to follow this act of referendum but its time to prove that they can not vote on any unconstitutional issue in Pakistan any more.

Nazir S Bhatti.

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