Catholic councilors win 96% seats in Local Body Elections under Separate electorate system. Bishop Joseph Coutts still demands Joint electorate in Seminar.


The sub standard policy of Catholic Church in Pakistan can be viewed in the light of this seminar, where demand of Joint electorate is repeated again, when all the Catholic Church based NGO, s condemned the separate electorate boycott and demand join

"FAISALABAD, July 19: Over three dozen elected Christian councilors and
Office-bearers of various bodies have asked the government to hold general elections on the basis of joint electorates in the light of recent Supreme Court decision. Presiding over a seminar on the "National Solidarity and Present Election System" here on Thursday, Bishop Joseph Coutts and participants unanimously passed a resolution in favor of joint electorates. The speakers - Peter Jacob of Lahore, Dr Fr Bonnie Mendes of Toba Tek Singh, Fr Khalid Rashid, Khalid Tahir advocate, Pervez Zia, Mrs Nasreen Gabriel, Stephen Habib and Ejaz Ghauri - underlined the need to raise voice collectively for the prosperity and solidarity of the nation. Elected councilors said that efforts would be made for protecting the lives and rights of the Christian community as well as their Muslim brethren."

Idara aman o insaf, Caritas, all other sister organizations of Catholic Church and catholic priest in sermons on Sunday prayers, through out country in joint venture have been organizing seminars and public meetings to condemn the separate electorate, demanding joint electorate. The Catholic Church of Pakistan and Bishop Conference Of Pakistan has been propagating the Joint Electorate system too. It's very important to discuss that instead of influence of Catholic Church on their congregation, such as, refusal of baptism of children of parents not regular in monthly contribution of parish, denial to solemnize marriages of couples not regular on Sunday prayers and with out required church age limits which varies than government adult marriage age, only to control the organizational structure of the catholic church, the decision to 'BOYCOT' appeal of separate electorate in recent local body elections, mysteriously turned 96% elected from minority to be catholic members participants, ignoring the boycott appeal of all the church organizations.

Its time for churches to review their national goals and to get rid of programmes announced by the Muslim political parties to use Christian vote bank. Its not important that Pakistan Peoples Party or any other so called progressive party of Muslims, do not like separate electorate or any other issue and the churches or Christians in general are bound to follow. Their objectives cannot positively be in the best interests of 20 millions of Christians of Pakistan.

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