Christian youth to set up security system of churches in Pakistan.


The experiment of setting up own security system is not new in Pakistan. The communities have practiced this system very successfully on every disaster faced by them. All know that in villages of Pakistan when robberies and dacoits increased the acti

The political parties have been also experiencing this system to organize youth to take security responsibilities of their meetings and public gatherings. The religious community of Muslim Shia Sect also followed the same pattern of security when their mosques were attacked in Pakistan. The main theme in this self designed security, in ancient period was that groups of villagers, Mohallas and areas were marching through streets with loud sounds to alert the residents to stay awake and to alarm the robbers that people are on watch and awake. This was called in Local Punjabi Language " Thekri Pehra" It's mostly observed when administration is not serious about the security of the people or there is not any administration available to secure the life and property of the people.
The year 2001 and 2002 have been marked as the black years in the history of Pakistan when the Christian minority worship places were frequently attacked and peaceful Christian citizens were left stranded to be easy prey of the terrorists. The Christians were brutally murder by the hands of the majority community of Muslims. The vows of the state to protect the minorities as a sacred trust seemed joke in these years. Every time when any Christian was assaulted, any Christian was murdered and any church was attacked the administrations retreated his vows of protection of minorities but never seriously adopted measures of security. On every incident of Christian massacre the government made announcements to arrests the culprits and punish them according to law but not a single case is on record that terrorists were brought before law. If the government has seriously considered keeping law and order then these incidents of attacks on Christians have been stopped. After every such sad incidents few administrative tools are suspended and few arrests were made but after few months those police officials were re instated and arrested Muslim were freed on pressure of some religious groups. The majority of Muslims is ruling groups in Pakistan and minorities have no share in power of state, which protects the negligence officials and accused persons. Its fine example that when accused is justice then justice can never prevail. This is the true example with the Muslim administration in Pakistan; the killer is Muslim and the tools to ensure justice is Muslim. So there is not any social justice in Muslim society of Pakistan.

When the Christians have no big hopes of justice and security from the Muslim government of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, its need of time that Christian youth may step forwarded to protect their elders, mothers, fathers, sisters and children. Its time for Christian youth to unite. Its time for Christian youth to remember their moral obligations toward their nation. Its time for the Christian youth to stay awake. Its time for Christian youth to keep their eyes open. Its time for Christian youth to understand the crisis of Christian nation in Pakistan. Its time for Christian youth to secure their identity and belief in Pakistan. Its time for Christian youth to face the evil. Its time for Christian youth to make strong line against the terrorists in Pakistan to save their life and property.

The unity by itself is strong weapon. If they shall unite they are not in need of fire weapons but their confirm belief in Lord Jesus Christ can be their deadly weapon to divert and end the evil forces.

Therefore we urge the Christian youth to take control of the security of the every service of every church in Pakistan because Muslim administration shall never provide you the adequate security and such incidents of attacks on churches and massacre of worshipers shall never come to an end. Its foremost duty of Christian youth in Pakistan to guard every church on every service to ensure security of their nation in Pakistan. No doubt, they have to take this burden to prevent the killings of their sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and children because Muslim administration is not sincere to rescue them and they have to stand on their feet and on their resources of prayers and self designed security.

Nazir S Bhatti

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