Saleem Khokhar Ex MPA Sindh demands justice for Ghazala


By Khalid Soomro

Karachi. Prominent Christian leader and Ex MPA Sindh Mr. Saleem Khursheed khokhar in an open open letter to synod
The Synod Church of Pakistan

· The Bishops Church of Pakistan

· The Christian Leadership of Pakistan

· The Leadership of International Church

Dear Madams/Sirs,

However disputed the position of the Synod Church of Pakistan and that of the Bishops is, it is a time to reflect and take responsible decisions about the situation of the Karachi Diocese.

We have taken enough time to allow precipitation on the issue of Mrs. Ghazala Shafiq who has allegedly been tortured and humiliated on the behest and under supervision of Sadiq Daniel of Karachi.

Some independent organizations of standing are holding independent inquiries and so are the agencies and functionaries of the government.

At the same time it is the responsibility of the leadership of the Christians and the Church of Pakistan and more especially of those who inducted Sadiq Daniel as Bishop of Karachi to look into the facts of the issue.

This is a time to reflect and act going above the lobbies, legal and official standings, the question of for and against and all other considerations and concentrate on coming up with the resolution which is in a best interest of the life and ministry of the entire Church in the Islamic Country of Pakistan.

We hereby call upon the segments of the International Church to also take thoughtful views of the situation and come out with an appropriate solution.

Sadiq Daniel and his associates are trying hard to save their skins as they are people with immense resources. On the other hand Ghazala Shafiq is supported by the common masses of both Muslims and Christians.

It is already 11 days to this incident, no bishop, church leader from any segment, National Council of Churches in Pakistan has stepped in on a fact finding mission which is really sad.

It is horribly felt that the bishops are giving time to Sadiq Daniel so that using his resources and connections he may be able to twist the facts and save his skin.

The bishops and the leadership is therefore requested to come to Karachi immediately and either try to defend Sadiq Daniel by standing with him publicly or take him away immediately and allow justice to prevail in the Church of Pakistan.

Saleem Khursheed Khokhar
All Pakistan Minority Alliance (Sindh)
Former MPA Sindh

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