Sudans suspends food supplies - 60,000 lives at risk. Majority of them is that of Christians.


The Voice of the Martyrs a Canada based organization has revealed a potential humanitarian disaster looming in the remote Northeast Upper Nile region of Sudan. Servant's Heart, a American based mission with whom The Voice of the Martyrs has partnered

The Voice of the Martyrs hopes to be able to effectively partner with Servant's Heart in running to the assistance of the people of the Northeast Upper Nile by providing 100 metric tons of grain to the region before the rainy season starts in late May. The grain will be purchased from local farmers 100 km away from the area where the government of Sudan has been destroying the food and seed stocks, and then trucked overland to where it is needed. At least $100,000 USD will be needed to cover the grain purchases, transportation and distribution costs. This is much less expensive and more effective than the airdrops conducted by the World Food Program. However, as Servant's Heart has told us, the overland route will be impassable once the rainy season starts, which is normally late May. So rapid response is important.

If you would like to assist in averting this disaster, we would encourage you to consider using our secure online donation page at or telephoning us at our Canadian office at (905) 602-4832. Donations can be made using your Visa or MasterCard and should be designated for "The Relief and Development Fund." Together, we can let the people of Sudan know that they are not forgotten. Pray that God will provide the means to meet this challenge within the narrow time frame that we are facing. We know that He is sufficient and able to do the impossible!

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