Christian fear Muslim attack after registration of blasphemy case in Kasur


Kasur, Pakistan: September 2, 2015. (PCP) The fear spread among Christians of District Kasur after arrest of Pervaiz Masih on accusation of blasphemy charges when his business rival Muslim who lost contract of providing Sand for construction purpose blamed him defiling name of Holy Prophet Mohammad on September 1, 2015, reports Advocate Aneeqa Maria who leads “The Voice Society”. The Voice Team was also illegally detained by police and confined in a Petrol Pump for more than two hours when they were on way back to Lahore after visiting family members of Pervaiz Masih in village named Usman Wala. The police picket who followed The Voice Society team car the detained them on Petrol Pump threatened to kill them if they not waited arrival of their senior official. The SHO of Khadian Police station arrived at Petro Pump after 2 hours and team was allowed to immediately leave the vicinity in middle of night. The Voice Society Chief Advocate Aneeqa Maria told Pakistan Christian Post that when on September 1, 2015, at 8;00 PM received information on incident of blasphemy against one Christian then she left Lahore with Shahid Anthony, Napolean Qayyum, Imran Zafar and Imran Barkat reached the place of occurrence at about 12:00am in the night. There was a hype of tension in the atmosphere, everyone was seemed to be watching and observing our vehicle. The team met Shamaun Masih, Goga Masih and Ashraf Masih in the middle of the night and asked them about the incidence and the situation. They told us that the situation is so far tense due to allegations of Blasphemy upon the Christian man named pervaiz Masih. Shamaun Masih told the Voice team that there was a dispute of contract of sand for the building purposes. Pervaiz Masih his brother in law had got the contract and put the sand on the building site in time where as one Muslim known as Haji Jamshed and his fellow Haji Bashir could not get the contract. This was the reason of grievance of Muslims and due to which they implicated an incidence of Blasphemy and involved Pervaiz in the aforesaid accusation. He further told the Voice team that they have sent Pervaiz out of this village to a safer place and are trying to settle down the matter themselves. Shamaun and his fellows suggested the Voice team not to go in the village at this time of night as it is full of dangers of being theft or even murdered by the terrorist during the middle of the night and they suggested that they will bring some reasonable men from another Christian village who can explain The Voice team better about the internal situation. The Voice team agreed, and stayed outside the village to wait for the other people to come. The Voice team again reached the village and met Pervaiz’s family. They said that they were trying to trace pervaiz but are not having any contact with him. They requested the Voice team to save pervaiz’s life as he is innocent. The Voice team inquired about the other people/relatives of pervaiz Masih whom we met last night and people told us that the Police arrested them last night. The Voice team at about 10:00am went to the Brickkiln where Pervaiz and his family worked, there we came to know that the Brickkiln owner have took Pervaiz Masih to the Police station for his surrender. The family of Pervaiz Masih requested the Voice team to visit their houses at the Village Khudian at Veeram Road. The Voice team went to the village and met the Christian people there. The women started crying and making hue and cry when they saw the Voice team have came to help them. They told us that the police raided the Village last night and have raided every single house and they have beaten the man and women really bad while inquiring about Pervaiz. Wife of Pervaiz Masih: Zarina Bibi met the Voice team and started crying and trembling, and begging for the life of her Children and her Husband. She told us further that she and Pervaiz have four Children named Amir 9 years old, Prem 5 years old, Anmol 3 years old and Sanam 7 months old. She said that Pervaiz is innocent, they use to work on brick kiln whereas Pervaiz also take small contracts of soil and sand as over time. This time his over time Job has got them killed. She was very worried about the Children, The Voice took the responsibility of her Children and her security. The Voice team later reached the Police station of Khudian where DPO Mr. Saeed Ali was present. The team met the DPO (District Police Officer) and asked him about the fate of Pervaiz Masih. He said that Pervaiz has confessed his blasphemy and the Police have lodged an FIR against him, however he assured The Voice team and Lawyers that he will make sure that Justice be done with the Christian community. The Voice also told him about the Police torture and condemned this act of Police upon which he also said that this is in humane act and is not supported by the law. The Voice team also asked him to release the innocent people. He instantly ordered the release of Shamaun, Goga, Karamat and Gilvaiz and handed them over to the Voice team. After receiving them the Voice team left the Police station and went to the Kasoor District courts because the Police was taking Pervaiz for the judicial remand to send him to Jail. The team met him and assured him that he will be given Justice. Pervaiz Masih is now In Jail waiting for the justice to be done with him. The Voice team will do every effort for Justice and his safety, and his family’s safety.

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