J Salik protests in front of CDA offices for payments of Christian employees


Islamabad: November 11, 2015. (PCP) Former Federal Minister J Salik lead a protest of 75 employees of CDA against Chairman CDA on the issue of nonpayment of salaries for two months and no regularizing them, in front of Capital Development Authority Office. On the occasion he said that CDA regularize its favorite 1800 employees out of 1900 employees when neglected others by invoking that they are overage and among them majority is Christians. He said that all these employees are serving CDA for last ten years. He demanded that Chairman CDA and Board Members should take notice and all the employees should be regularize, they all should have equal rights and should be treated equally without discrimination. Former Federal Minister J Salik also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Pakistan Mian Mohammad Nawaz Shareef, the full text of his letter is as follows. He requested Supreme Court of Pakistan to take Suo Moto Notice on the statement of Prime Minister. Dear Mr. Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Shareef “I read your statement today and felt sorry, as you yourself negate the process which you had followed to become Prime Minister by your statement in which you ask people to hold ‘sit-in politicians’ accountable. It means that you are allowing people to create unrest in the country but probably you are unaware about the results of it. Your responsibility is to maintain peace in the country not to destroy it with such sort of statements. Pakistan is a democratic Country and everyone has the right to express his views, it’s not only allowed here but in all democratic countries of the world, people do protest for their rights everywhere. Let me remind you if you forgot that you are a Prime Minister of a democratic country and you have also done protests, sit in and blocked the roads many times before becoming Prime Minister Pakistan. I need to ask a question from you if people doing sit in are accountable then what about the people who are dying due to lack of food and justice in the country, the sanitary workers waiting for the salaries for three months are accountable or not, where should minorities go? What do you want people don’t even have the right to protest for their rights? Please clear one more thing, I started my efforts with sit in against Martial Law, was the statement for me”

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