Blasphemy accused Pakistani Christian woman plight triggers demonstration across UK


London: January 24, 2017. (PCP) The plight of a Pakistani Christian mother of five who has been jailed for seven years under the notorious blasphemy laws of Pakistan, will be highlighted in several demonstrations across the UK. The protests have been organised by the British Pakistani Christian Association and Pakistani origin Pastors throughout Britain, in response to the protracted silence of the Government of Pakistan with regards to Asia's ongoing Supreme Court appeal. Asia Bibi was arrested in June 2010 for an alleged blasphemy after she drank well from a well designated specifically for Muslims. Fearful Muslims berated Asia and threw water offered to them at Asia, as they believed her ritual impurity had contaminated the water from the well. I response to the abuse hurled at her Saviour Jesus Christ, Asia simply replied: "My Christ died for me what did Mohammed do for you?" This question led to her being raped and beaten and her children were sexually molested, yet in Pakistan's unjust nation only Asia was arrested. The first of the protests is to be held in London and will be supported by the Christian People's Alliance (CPA). The protest will begin at the Pakistani High Commission at Lowndes Square and will travel to 10 Downing Street on 4th February 2017. "The Christian Peoples Alliance is demanding that the Government cancel its £405million per year aid to Pakistan until Asia Bibi is set free. Sid Cordle MBE CPA leader said in a speech today "Pakistan is a sovereign nation and they can make their own laws but there comes a point where what a country is doing is so bad the international community has to say 'enough'. "They did it with apartheid in South Africa where people were treated as second class citizens because of the colour of their skin. "Well right now in Pakistan people are treated as second class citizens because of their faith and Asia Bibi is another Nelson Mandella thrown into prison for no other reason than she is a Christian and said so. This has to be stopped". The protest is being supported by several groups including Pastor Ajmal Chaughtai (Birmingham), Sid Cordle (Christian Peoples Alliance), Pervaiz Sardar (Nottingham Pakistani Christians), Ranbir Singh (Hindu Human Rights Group), Lynne Julius (HARIF representing Middle-Eastern and African Jews), Mohammed Shoaib, Vinny Masih (Nelson Pakistani Christians) to name a few.

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