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CARVE – PAKISTAN is announced in Lahore.

Pakistan: October 4, 2009. (PCP) The role model peace hero couple of Pakistan and equipped from United States Institute of Peace in “Interfaith Conflict Resolution” Mr. and Mrs. Inderias Dominic Bhatti have formally announced a National peace group to mediate in the present Christian-Muslim extremism and hatred in a press conference held in Kotlakhpat, Lahore. The name of the group is “Collaboration against Religious Violence and Extremism” with an acronym of “CARVE – Pakistan”.

Speaking to the press and media Mr. Bhatti said, “While being inspired from the Carving of God given to Moses as Ten Commandments to build collective GOOD from INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES – COLLECTIVE COMMON GOOD; but more than that to bring codes of peaceful and harmonious life on Earth, I chose CARVE as the name of our group. This is a membership group open to anyone who vows our declaration to build peace with a special context of the present post religious violence reactions and anger with peaceful and non-violent alternates”.

“CARVE is more to do with ancient human history of carvings that further come up as pictography and lingual digits which bridge the gap of distances and brought people together through words and writing” , said Mrs. Bhatti.

While adding his words Muhammad Ikhlaq said, “In the present circumstances of post violence against Christians in Pakistan we want to carve the anger managements of the victims and the offenders with adopting the policy of apology and forgiveness not as defeatism or wining of anyone; and thus to rehabilitate and build a society with mutual acceptance, dignity and opportunities not for them but for their generations ahead”.

“CARVE wants to carve the psyche and attitudes of Love; love that always seeks to do good to help and heal; never to hurt or destroy. We are going to formally inaugurating our group on 18th October, 2009 on Global Hug day in Lahore” announced Mr. James.

The declaration of CARVE says:

I dignify human being as per of one fellow being regardless of caste, color, creed, race and religion;

I will do whatever I can, wherever it happened to be with my best possible abilities and capabilities to help and heal, never to hurt or destroy;

There was a big clap on the said below peace poem of Mrs. Bhatti:

Peace cycle starts from the psyche and attitudes of love;

Love that always seeks to do good to help and heal;

Never to hurt or destroy;

With its extensions to ones family and surrounding;

Which further engage individuals in ties of acceptance and respect;

The mutual ties of individuals that lead to community and group;

The groups that influence civil societies;

The civil society that cultivate peace nationally;

And make their nation a model of PEACE;

PEACE to be followed;

Followed by international communities;

Again from the psyche and attitudes of love!!!

There was a Muslim and Christian prayers from God/Allah with love and to add His blessings to keep us in firm-footing to move forward with LOVE till we make our country a model of PEACE for the world.