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Pakistan Christians woman Martha Bibi raped by Rawalpindi Police

Rawalpindi: March 22, 2010. (PCP report) The Pakistan Christian Post correspondent confirmed that police raped Martha Bibi while Arshad Masih died three days ago in hospital.

“I went to the Holy Family Hospital, Arshed Masih is dead, he died 3 days ago. Today was his memorial service. I talked to Martha myself, she said the police tortured her and took the false statement and then rapped her, where as the police says that Martha was in the custody of the woman police. The MS of the Holy Family Hospital has not issued her medical report” wrote PCP correspondent

It further states that “There was another incident, of Rashid George, he was arrested by the police and was falsely accused of theft and robbery ( looting), he was tortured by the police for 4 days, and was finally released after taking money from his family”

Rashid Masih, today evening took sleeping pills and bunt himself, he committed suicide. He was taken to the Holy Family Hospital but.

The Christian religious leaders are condemning the situation and are calling for a protest in this week against the Punjab police.