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Two Christians charged under blasphemy on desecrating Quran verses on roadside Banner

Lahore, Pakistan: July 7, 2010. (PCP) The angry Muslim mob burnt tires and blocked Ferozpur Road in Factory Area of Lahore and demanded arrest of two Christians living in Model Colony number 2.

The agitated Muslims attempted to burn house of one Christian where one Muslim spotted a Roadside metal Banner being used as roof on bathroom on which verses from Holy Quran were written.

The roadside metal banner are mostly used for commercial advertisements in Pakistan for promotion of goods and Quranic verses are used for blessings on top of matter.

When any company, person or organization do not pay to municipal corporation for these commercial advertisement boards, the administration brings them down where they lie for weeks or months and any one can pick it and use it.

Yousaf Masih and Tariq Masih also picked one roadside metal sheet banner and brought it to home where they put it on their bathroom as roof to safe them from sunshine and protect their family women to see naked from roofs of other houses.

Being an illiterate laborers, working odd jobs, they have no idea that there were verses of Holy Quran on that advertisement banner.

The Factory Area Police Station pick ups reached on spot and tried to calm down angry Muslim mob but they insisted to arrest of Yousaf Masih and his family under blasphemy.

The Factory Area Police Station lodged FIR under section 295-B PPC and arrested Yousaf Masih and Tariq Masih.

Section 295-B PPC is punishable to life imprisonment or death under blasphemy law of Pakistan.