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Muslim mob attacks Christians after killing blasphemy accused brothers

Faisalabad: July 19, 2010. (PCP) “The Muslims are firing with automatic assault rifles and pistols in an attack on our houses while police is doing nothing to stop them” called Pakistan Christian Post, one resident from Warispura, a biggest Christian colony in Faisalabad. The voice of caller was trembling who identified himself local leader of Christian Lawyers Foundation CLF.

Keeping in view, rising tension among Muslims after broad daylight murder of Two blasphemy accused brothers Rashid Emmanuel and Sajjad Emmanuel here today in Faisalabad court, administration have deployed heavy contingents of law enforcement around dozens of Christian colonies and Churches in city.

There were appeals of calm by government and other leaders after Martyrdom of Two Christian brother by hands of Muslims extremists but violence broke out at night.

Muslims gathered in thousands outside Warispura and Daudnagar, two biggest Christian colonies in heart of Faisalabad and started firing at homes of Christians.

There are reports of many injured Christians till our posting this reports and calls from Christians in siege to PCP that administration and police is doing nothing to stop them.

The Christians are complaining that instead stopping Muslim mob, police is beating them and firing teargas shells on them.

It is feared that any sad incident like Gojra is in progress in Warispura also. Muslim mob had burnt alive 7 Christian women and Children in Gojra Town on 1st August 2009. The 60 homes of Gojra Christians were also destroyed and Churches set of fire. The Gojra is few miles from Faisalabad.