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Seven Days Mourning announced on Killing of Rashid and Sajjid Emmanuel

Pakistan: July 20, 2010. (PCP) Political, Social and Religious organizations have announced to observe Seven Days mourning in Pakistan on martyrdom of Pastor Rashid Emmanuel and Sajjid Emmanuel in Faisalabad.

In the reaction of two Christian brothers Rashid & Sajid murders in Faisalabad, On the Human Rights Focus Pakistan's Appeal ,the Christians will observe the 7 days as Sad Days (7 roza sog) said Naveed Walter ,President Human Rights Focus Pakistan.

He said, In the week protection of police the victims went for the hearing of their case, the extremists shot them in the premises of session court Faisalabad at noon on July 19 before any decision by the Court .Naveed Walter said, for how long we will became the victims of blasphemy laws.He said, The extremists don’t even wait for the decision by the court. The result of the literature on which they are accused was proved the false after verification of their handwriting but the people still calling them the blasphemers, He added more. IS THIS A JUSTICE, are we save in our own country?

He said ,This incident filled the Christians with extreme anger and sorrow. Naveed Walter thanked to Lahore High Courts sue moto action and urged to Government for the real punishment of their killers and reveal the real faces behind this bloodshed play.

He said ,the 11th August will be observed as Black Day by the all minorities of Pakistan. That day the people will tie the black ribbons at their arms , will raise the black flags at their homes and the special prayers will be offered in their Prayer places for the peace, unity, tolerance and religious harmony in

Pakistan, he added more.