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The Anglican Communion has removed the name of Sadiq Daniel from its official Web Site with immediate effect.

So far he was considered to be the recognized Bishop of Karachi while Bishop Ejaz Inayat was considered as unrecognized.

Although it does not in any way effect the Court cases pending adjudication regarding the elections of the Bishop of Karachi yet it is seen as a very positive and radical attitude in the policy of the ANGLICAN CHURCH.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury was considered to be acting more on the dictation of Bishops Alexander John Malik and Samuel Azraiah who had their own vested interests in the Karachi Diocese.

The shift towards reality has been taken as the first step within the REFORMATION MOVEMENT OF THE CHURCH OF PAKISTAN, as some call it, yet it is well felt that the struggle to safeguard the constitution, assets and the properties will require a long time, as yet there is no sign of turning around in the attitude of the arrogant Bishops who are responsible for the state of affairs within the Church of Pakistan.

It is more than a challenge for the CHURCH OF SCOTLAND to protect SAINT ANDREWS CHURCH, KARACHI which has been placed at the hand of the Attorneys of the Church of Scotland in Pakistan which are nominated by Bishop Samuel Pervaiz of Sialkot.

The people of Karachi fore see violent clashes over Saint Andrews Church as masses are expected to take action whenever needed. Yet it remains a question; who is responsible? The properties have been sold by the front men of Bishop Samuel Pervaiz and Bishop Malik well in the knowledge of the Church of Scotland Head Quarters and the Anglican Church. These have been widely protested, as most of the money went in the personal pockets of these Bishops.

For the while it is expected from the Church of Scotland Head Quarters to take a firm and clear stand over the issue of Saint Andrews Church in Karachi. It can only be done by clearly asking Bishops Samuel Pervaiz and Sadiq Daniel to stop straight away. The physical possession is with Sadiq Daniel and there is a Status quo on the sale of Saint Andrews Church in the favor of Bishop Ejaz Inayat, yet it is wondered would it be possible for him to sustain without the legal help of the Church of Scotland in the long run. At the same time with the money and the influence of the property mafia on the wrong side who will come forward where money is needed (which of the so many partners?).