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Shahbaz Bhatti responsible for devolution of Minorities Affairs Ministry in Pakistan

Karachi: February 9, 2011. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said that Federal Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti is responsible for devolution of Minority Ministry in Pakistan because he was present in cabinet meeting in which decision to abolish Minority Affairs Ministry but kept silent and not raised any objection.

The Minority Affairs Ministry was formed in 1998, on demands of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC unless it was part of Religious Affairs Ministry and know as Religious and Minority Affairs Ministry since 1947, independence of Pakistan. According to routine a Muslim was heading this Religious and Minority Affairs Minister while a Christian or Hindu were acting as State Minister in this division.

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC held hunger strikes and submitted memorandums to government of Pakistan on which Federal Minority Ministry was formed as an independent Ministry in cabinet of government of Pakistan.

Shahbaz Bhatti was appointed Federal Minority Minister after his selection by Pakistan Peoples Party PPP on reserved seats for minorities in National Assembly of Pakistan in 2008.

Nazir Bhatti said “ Shahbaz Bhatti never demanded separation of Minority Ministry from Religious Affairs Ministry when he was Chairman of Christian Liberation Front CLF which was formed and funded by Bishop John Joseph, a Catholic Bishop of Fasialabad Dioceses”

Shahbaz Bhatt drained hundreds of thousands of Pakistani rupees on funded by Bishop John Joseph in hotels of Islamabad and government agencies shot him dead to fund a political organization in Sahewal district Courts in night.

“Shahbaz Bhatti not gave a call to Pakistani Christians when his Minority Ministry was being approved for devolution in cabinet meeting to safe his seat in parliament nor he raised any objection in that Cabinet meeting” added Nazir Bhatti

Nazir Bhatti said that Shahbaz Bhatti is not elected by Christian votes but selected by Muslims on recommendation of Catholic Bishops Conference of Pakistan that’s why he not raised objection on abolishment of Federal Minority Ministry.

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC protested when decision to abolish Minority Ministry was made but non of Shahbaz Bhatti, All Pakistan Minority Alliance APMA objected or raise voice against devolution of Pakistan government’s decision.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said that we condemn Pakistan Government’s decision to abolish Federal Minority Affairs Ministry.