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14 years old Christian girl kidnapped and enforcedly converted to Islam in Pakistan.

Gujranwala: August 24, 2011. (PCP) Mehek Rashid, a 14 years old Christian girl was kidnapped from his on gunpoint in presence of eyewitnesses by a gang of Muslims in Gujranwala suburban Christian residential area Shisharwali,

Mohammad Tayeb Butt along with four other Muslim gangsters entered in house of Rashid Masih when he was in Gujranwaa city to do labour in noon of August 17, 2011. Mohammad Tayeb put his gun on head of Mehek Rashid and forced her to sit in white color car in which other gangsters were sitting.

Two Christians, Imran Masih and Mehboob Masih who approached in front of house of Rashid Masih on call of help from Mehek Rashid and her cries, Mohammad Tayeb pointed gun on them and threatened that he will shoot them if they stepped to rescue girl.

“She is Choori” yelled Mohammad Tayeb, the derogatory word “Choora” is used in Punjab province of Pakistan for Christian’s men and “Choori” for Christian women. The word ‘Choora” and “Choori” are such a symbol of hate that Christians are prohibited to eat in restaurants and Muslim food vendors in Punjab province of Pakistan. Tayeb Mohammad openly dumped Mehek Rashid in his car and said that he will purify “Choori Mehek with converting her to Islam and make her his mistress”

The Gujranwala city have sizeable Christian population which are residing in city areas and suburban colonies like Saleem Colony, Shisharwali, Satellite Town, Gulzar Colony and Aziz colony from decades or before partition of India and formation of Pakistan in 1947.

Rashid Masih has children named Soha, Saul, Usman and Mehek, but he moved to Gujranwala from his native village Bawarey for seeking labor and rented a house here.

Khalid Gill, Chief Organizer of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance APMA talking with PCP said that APMA local leadership have approached Satellite Police Station for registration of FIR but administration is not filing case against influential Muslim kidnappers of teenage Christian girl.