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Who will help Persecuted Christians in Pakistan? Hundreds in hiding to safe life

I feel very helpless when I receive hundreds of e-Mails from Christian youth for scholarships and employment but cannot support them. I remain silent for hours when I receive e-Mails from blasphemy victims who are behind bars or acquitted from higher courts but living in hidings to save their lives. The news items of rape and enforced conversion of Christian women make me real sad and silent. I feel angry when receive reports of Muslim culprits of gang rape of Christian girls walking free from courts. The hundreds of e-Mails of Christian persecution in Pakistan and appeals for support make me think twice, what are doing our Non-Governmental organizations? What are doing our Churches in Pakistan? Where all those funds are going which Christian civil society is receiving from funding agencies? Why Western governments are denying visas to acquitted blasphemy victims? Is US Aid for Muslims only in Pakistan? If not, then why Christian youth is not receiving scholarships for education? Why there is no program for employment of Christian youth? Why western human right champions keep silent on rape and enforced conversion of Christian women? Why UNO never condemn killing of Christian pastors and attacks on Christian worshipers? There are cries of millions of Christians in Pakistan against blasphemy law, extrajudicial killings, wrongful confinements and discrimination but UNO remains silent.

I feel very powerful when receive hundreds of hate e-Mails every month from angry Muslims on publishing stories of oppressed and persecuted Pakistani Christians. The Muslims think that Pakistan Christian Post PCP is very strong establishment and helping Pakistani Christians when persecuted Christians think PCP as last resort. Sure, Pakistan Christian Post is only voice of Pakistani Christians and I am proud of it but I appeal to human right organizations to take notice of incidents of victimization of Christians and support them.

I am presenting story of Naveed Paul for your prayers and support. I remember when he sent me first e-Mail from Karachi in 2008, telling about his miserable life after marrying a Muslim convert to Christian girl but he is still on run in Pakistan for safety of life.

Here’s e-Mail of Naveed Paul: Can anyone come to his rescue?

Dear Brothers in Christ

Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

My name is Naveed Paul ,I was born in Karachi, Pakistan ,some years ago I used to work ,there I meet a Muslim girl ,named Sehar Mohammad Shafi ,she used to belong to a Muslim background family, being a Muslim , Sehar Mohammad Shafi used to hate Christianity ,she usually criticized Christianity ,she always use to ask me certain questions ,about bible that it is changed ,And there is no wife of God than how is Jesus the Son of God? with the grace of Lord Jesus Christ I have a keen interest in doing comparative religious Study ,with the Grace of God I started answering her questions from Bible and Quran ,and in few days’ time I gave her a new testament to read ,In some time later the Spirit of God Opened her heart and mind ,whenever she used to read the bible she use to get inspired with the word and its teaching ,because God wants every human being has to be saved and Know about Salvation ,and know the truth ,because God is Love ,and Sehar in few months’ time she began to believe in Christ and accepted Christ as a personal savior. In that point she left Islam and became a Christian, in few months Sehar was baptized and got married to me, and we started a good life together. Sehar family came to know that she has married to me and accepted Christ ,than they started to search me and my wife (Sehar ) to murder us ,according to Islam if any Muslim deny Islam and accept other religion so in that case according to Islam they to be Murdered ,than we started life in the city of Karachi ,after one year God gifted us with a daughter name Angela ,as few months past while we were coming home from church ,one of sehar family member saw us travelling in a bus ,and that person followed us and found our house ,and on the next night they attacked our house along with some other Muslims ,God gave us a new life and we managed to escape from the back door ,that night I went to a friend of mine whose name is Christopher we stayed with him for three days ,he got us a small house on rent ,after few days Sehar my wife contacted her Family from one PCO (Public Call office),this PCO was near to our house and the owner of that PCO was a Muslim and his name was Mohammad Rana ,my wife said to her family from the phone that I’m happy with Naveed .

Sehar ‘s Family answered if Naveed accepts Islam than we are not going to say anything to him ,after talking from the phone when Sehar returned home ,after few moments the PCO Muslim man came after Sehar to our house and knocked our door and came in by force and said to Sehar your family members has told me everything for before you were Muslim and you have married a Christian guy ,that man Muslim guy at the gun point raped her ,because at that time Sehar and my daughter was alone at home ,Sehar did not even imagined that her family members would call back on the PCO and inform about her ,at the same moment my wife Sehar took our daughter Angela and went to my friend Christopher ,that area we had to leave soon ,because we cannot report at the police station ,situation was that Sehar had left Islam and accepted Christ ,because Pakistan is a Islamic country ,so the Laws are also Islamic ,in Pakistan if any person rapes any girl ,so that girl need four eye witness are needed to report the police station ,if the girl does not have four eye witness the report can’t be put in the police station ,what kind of law is this ? And what kind of Islam is this? God may give them wisdom and understanding. Than one Pastor in Karachi city gave us a shelter by a Christian NGO ,living with this NGO for few months this NGO gave us a rented house ,with something and some money to pass our life, then after few month our second daughter was born her name I kept Magdalene ,and then after few months we left Karachi city and went to Lahore and took a shelter with the NGO ,after two months in Lahore I took a house on rent and then I joined a Bible college as a teacher of comparative study ,as few month past we had to face a big trouble ,my small daughter became sick and she got dehydrated ,we took her to private clinic for treatment and then we had to admitted her in a government hospital but she did not recover from that disease and she died , for three years I kept on teaching in that bible college and taught our Christian students how to defend our faith in Muslim community ,and how can we answer the objectionable question of the Muslims ,and how can we share the good news of Christ in the Muslims ,in Pakistan there are 97% are Muslims ,2% Christian and 1% other religions ,now Pakistan is known as the most dangerous country of the world, in Pakistan Muslims hate Christians very much ,in Pakistan there is no religious freedom for Christians ,the conditions of Pakistan are very bad now a days ,I want to discuss or share some problems of my family ,and I have faith in Christ that you brothers and sisters will surly help me in this matter ,for whoever does good to one of the least of the brethren is from God .

I am thankful to God the Father that he has put me in to Christian family ,my wife’s family wants that I should leave Christianity and accept Islam ,but I am not going to accept Islam ,because Christ our Lord has paid with his life for me and the people of the world ,so how can I leave my savior ,Now I have three children two sons and One Daughter , my family cannot live in Pakistan with freedom ,and neither I can put my kids for school in this country ,because me and my family have big life dangers with these Muslims religious groups ,I am appealing to all the Christians around the world to help us out of Pakistan ,And I have a very strong Faith that our Lord Jesus Christ will open a way out for us ,Jesus said if any one follows me Luke 9:23 carry cross mean to face all the worldly problems in JESUS CHRIST, brother when JESUS CHRIST opened my wife closed mind then she left ISLAM and accept JESUS CHRIST her personal savior, after accepting JESUS CHRIST my wife and my self are facing such problems which me and my ALLMIGHTY JESUS knows, but by the GRACE of GOD we did not flat down from our faith, now Pakistan is going day by day worse and i want you to take them out from this country Pakistan as soon as possible for their save side so that they can live there life in freedom in which they can complete there studies in schools and go to church, before we face any trouble in Pakistan i hope that you may take out my family from Pakistan and bring them to you.

I have taken your Email address from your web site and by that way I’m contacting you, I have also attached my family pic and details

Our Believe in Christ is that you will help us to get out of Pakistan; we are very much disturbed in Pakistan, because if any one comes to know that my wife is converted to Christianity than they will murder my children and my wife.

Naveed Paul from Pakistan

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