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Rape victim Christian girl aged 12 receives threats instead justice after a year

Kasur, Pakistan: May 7, 2012. (PCP) A 12 years Catholic Christian girl named Khalida Hamid tells horrified incident of rape in his village one year ago. “On 5th May 2011, at 7: 00 PM, I went to by sugar from a shop, in routine mostly I bought things from shop, so, I bought sugar and I was coming back to my home while electricity was not working of whole village. There were the corn fields in front of our house because our house is outside the village. So, when I reached near my house, Muhammad Riaz son of Muhammad Hanif caught me and kept his hand on my mouth and pulled me in the corn crops. I started to cry as he tore my cloths, I requested please forgive me, forgive me but his mind was like a beast and he started to rape with me and I cried very loudly. After that I got senseless”

Hamid Masih aged 41, who is father of rape victim girl Khalida Hamid tell his account of incident and struggle to ensure justice for his daughter “On 5th May 2011 at about 7pm we were sitting at our home and two my friend ‘Sadar Masih son of Fjaa Masih and Akram Masih son of Bali Masih” were also there at my home. We heard the cry of a girl, and we try to search place, because of dark we get torch, searched the place and I saw my daughter Khalida nearly, she was naked, senseless and wet with blood, I understood that anybody raped with my daughter and it was the crying of my daughter. I try to wear her cloths, but it was really unbearable for me, I also got senseless for short time. Then I and my friends took my daughter at my house. It was a big shock for my whole family as they all know the situation. On the other hand bleeding was nothing stopped. We called Lady Doctor at our home; she refused to cure and told that it is raped case so you took her in Government hospital. After half an hour Khalida came in sense. Khalida told that when I was buying sugar from the shop Muhammad Riaz was also buying some grocery from the same shop, when I was coming back my home, Muhammad Riaz was also coming behind me. When I reached near my house Muhammad Riaz strictly shut my mouth with hand and pulled me in crops. I requested to release me but he raped with me and he ran away by seeing my bad condition”

Hamid Masih said that after hearing the story, I went with my friends at Muhammad Riaz’s home. I met his father and told him whole story. After listening my words, He got angry and said you want only insult us in the town, the story is totally wrong which you are telling. He abused us and said leave our place and go away now, what you want to do, you are Christian and you can’t do anything against us. It is Islamic country and court, police, government is Islamic, so you are nothing. I hurt badly.

“I came back home, took my daughter in Police station and registered a case against Muhammad Riaz “FIR No.331/11, Offense No. 376” in Fathay pure police station Saddar Kasour city. The Police arrested him and Muhammad Riaz got confirms bail and he released within 5 days. Even police arrested him just as a formality to satisfy me while police was supporting him. After his release I just got more pressure for compromise from Muhammad Riaz’s family because they are very strong. My Christian friends Sadar Masih and Akram Masih left me soon by seeing the family pressure. By money and politically that family is very strong while I have no money for Hire an advocate. So, now a day they pressurizing and insulting me that what you can do against us, one day you will must force to compromise with us” said Hamid Masih

Hamid said that it is true they are strong even they stopped DNA test report which was the proof against Muhammad Riaz. Only medical report I could get in which rape is clear. I am very weak by money and politically, It is my prayer to God, He will give me peace and justice in this situation while I am helpless, poor against a strong Muslim family.

Pastor Rafique Bhatti of Stephens Shaheed Foundation (reg) Pakistan said “I found this person is spiritual, and the story of his daughter is true, opposite family is strong. By seeing the tears in daughter’s and family member’s eyes and their helplessness, I request President (UCF) we need legal advisor’s fee, DNA test report fee, travailing, communication and some support for this poor family. Please help us in this matter we can get justice if you support immediately. On 15th May we have one trial date and may be one more trial date in the court of additional session Judge Kasour, in these dates if we provide DNA test report with senior legal advisor, Muhammad Riaz can go in jail for 25 years”

Mr. Pervez Masih, President of UCF said that I want to inform that during reporting, I came to know by some villagers ( Muhammad Asrif, Sarwar Masih, Kala Masih and Namdad Masih), Kahlida’s family is in much difficult time, not safe here. Opposite family is planning against them, if they don’t accept their offer for compromising, they will kill them and fired home badly and take action against them on religious issues.