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Pakistani Christian demand immediate release of Asia Bibi

Karachi: July 14, 2012. (PCP) “Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country where justice is never ensured to religious minorities” said Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC in a statement issued by Central Secretariat of PCC here today.

Nazir Bhatti expressed concern over pending of an appeal in Lahore High Court from 2 years of a Christian mother Asia Bibi, sentenced to death on accusations of blasphemy from lower court.

In Islamic Republic of Pakistan judicial activism is so high that thousands of poor Pakistani are behind bars waiting for hearing dates of their appeals in Supreme Court of Pakistan and Provincial High Courts from years.

Nazir Bhatti said “Pakistani Christian have lost their confidence in judicial system, judiciary and higher courts because it protected and released Muslim who attacked Churches, killed worshipers, burnt alive women and children, gunned down pastors, never punished Muslims who filed false blasphemy cases against Christians, never charged Muslim who enforcedly converted Christian women to Islam and gang raped Christian girls after kidnapping”

In recent polls conducted by Pakistan Christian Post, 85% voted for immediate release of Asia Bibi who is under mental stress in security cell of Seikhupura Jail on her long pending appeal in Lahore High Court.

According to sources close to PCP, Ashiq Masih who is husband of Asia Bibi can visit her once a month and her daughters fear to visit their mother after threats from Muslims of their native village that if courts released Asia Bibi, they will kill her and her family.

Nazir Bhatti said that Pakistan Christian Congress PCC file a petition in Lahore High Court to repeal blasphemy law which was dismissed in 1998 but PCC urges Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo-Mottu notice to issue decree on this Islamic law of blasphemy weather it can be imposed on non-Muslims to prove that Justices are on bench od SCP not Mullahas.

Nazir S Bhatti appealed President Asif Ali Zardari to pardon Asia Bibi due to her ill health that she may have medical support.