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1,000 Christian families flee from Islamabad on Rimsha blasphemy case

Islamabad: August 19, 2012. (PCP) There is large number of Christians living in the slum Areas of Islamabad, the federal Capital of Pakistan. Meharbadi is one of the un-authorized areas in the back yard of sector G -11 and F-1. It is about 1,000 meters away from the Kashmir Road. Poor Christians left Meharabadi on the night of 17th August, 2012 when thousands of Muslims from Islamabad and its surrounding gathered outside of Meharabadi and blocked the Kashmir road in protest of burning Quranic pages by the Christian Girl Rimsha, daughter of Misrak Masih ,aged 11, resident of Meharbadi .

According to the Muslim local man, named Al-syed Muhammad Ammad, he had seen her burning the book of Noorani Qaida (which is a basic learning Quran by Children). Within no-time this news spread in the Meharabadi and hundreds of Muslims gathered outside the house of Rimsha and they beat the little girl and her mother. Later the police in two mobiles arrived in the Meharabadi and arrested Rimsha Masih and taken Rimsha’s Mother, sister and Aunty in to the custody for the protection from the Muslims extremists. Police had lodged an FIR (First Information report) bearing number 303/12 under section 295-B.

World Vision in Progress Foundation got this information lately in the evening when thousands of Muslims were gathering outside Meharabadi to burn the Christians and their houses. However, 1,000 Christians families flee from the Meharabadi and took shelter in different houses and church compounds .

According to WVIP Foundation, this is one of the largest reallocations of Christians from any Area of Pakistan. When WVIP Foundation Operation Director Mr. Napoleon Qayyum reached there, thousands of Muslims were burning tires and were ready to attack the Christians .Similarly when he reached the Ramna Police station (situated at G-11 Markez) he saw hundreds of Muslims out and inside the police station and demanding the handing over of the girl or FIR.

On 18th August ,2012 when again Mr. Napoleon Qayyum and Executive Director of World Vision In Progress Foundation reached Meharabadi, they saw dozens of Muslims outside the colony . They tried to find any Christian in the Area but they were failed to find any as all the doors were locked. We called SHO (Station House Office) Mr. Gulam Qasim Niazi and took appointment to meet him. When we reached there, he left and we met with other police officials and found them very hostile and aggressive. When we demanded the copy of FIR, they refused to provide us the copy whereas these sort of documents are the public property. Mr. Napoleon Qayyum stated that we are here to support the Christian girl as she is our daughter. Instantly one officer stood up from his seat and stated angrily that you are supporting a girl who had burnt our Holy Book? Then the Executive Director Farrukh intervened and stated that we are only here to get the true facts of the case and we want to see the FIR (first information reported) . Almost 30 Minutes we waited there for the Copy of FIR. However the person who was talking with us angrily was on the mobile phone, and within few minutes Muslim boys gathered out of the police station . Our Driver Ejaz Hussain called us from outside and informed us about the situation and advised us to leave the police station at once. Immediately we left the police station, though Muslims youth tried to stop us and make hot arguments with us but we left the police station and went to F-8 session court to find any other information regarding Rimsha and we found that her judicial remand had been given and she is now sent to Adiala Jail.

Later on Mr. Farrukh H. Saif (Executive Director World Vision in Progress Foundation) and Mr. Napolean Qayyum Met Minister In-Charge for National Harmony and All Pakistan Minorities Alliance Chairman Dr. Paul Bhatti ,who was ready for Jacobabad to meet the Hindu Leadership for their Exodus to India. We discussed this situation with him; however he stated that he had discussed the matter with Rehaman Malik, interior minister of Pakistan as well with the Muslim clerics, and they are helping the family as well. Mr. Tahir Naveed the MPA (member provincial Assembly) and Senior Member of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance stated that if you like you can help the families which are hiding in the different parts of Islamabad. Which we agreed without any hesitation. They left their I-8 office and went to Islamabad Airport to take up a flight to Jacobabad to meet hindus. Whereas 1,000 Christian families were in need of Dr. Paul but he went to Jacobabad to set political goals for upcoming elections.

The claim of the All Pakistan Minority Alliance that they are feeding and supporting the families is fake and fabricated. This is proved that for their political goals they are spreading this false news that they are supporting the families who have fled from Meherabadi or the family of Rimsha. After having a telephonic conversation with the representatives of All Pakistan Minority Alliance, we found that they are still playing their dirty games with the innocent Christians. World Vision in Progress Foundation is helping the Christian families who are living without any shelter. We are supporting 500 people from last two days and we will do our best to help our brothers and sisters.

World Vision in Progress Foundation Director Operation had talked to Mr. Farat-ullah Babar (President Spokes Person) to request President Asif Ali Zardari to take action in this regards and thanks to Lord Jesus Christ that President Pakistan had taken the notice and direct the Interior Minister to submit his report as soon as possible. World Vision in Progress Foundation will not keep quiet until we will not get the justice. We need your prayers .