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12 years old Christian girl murdered after gang rape by 5 Muslims in Pakistan

Sahiwal: August 25, 2012. (PCP) A Pakistani Christian named Rafique Masih is earning his living and feeding his wife and seven children doing hard labor as kiln worker in “Al-Ghani Bricks Company” situated at Kachi Pukki Road Sahiwal from 15 years.

When his first child was born 12 years ago, he gave her daughter a unique name Muqadas Kainat which means “Holy Universe”. He was happily living in Brick Kiln vicinity house at 96/9-L, Sahiwal.

On August 14, when Pakistan was celebrating “Independence Day”, Muqadas Kainat went in fields to pee where she was gang raped and murdered by 5 Muslims and never returned home.

Rafique Masih was in hospital on August 14, in Sahiwal city where her wife was going through medical procedure of appendix. His elder brother Arshad Masih came to hospital and told Rafique Masih that Muqadas Kainat have not come home from morning.

Rafique Masih rushed to home and searched Muqadas Kainat in area of brick Kiln Company and in homes neighbors but not found her daughter.

On August 15, 2012, the Muslim clerk of brick Kiln Company told Rafique Masih that he have received a call on his cell phone from unknown caller that Muqadas Kainat is in fields. On which, Rafique Masih along with other people stated searching in nearby fields and found dead body of his daughter.

The police recovered dead body of Muqadas Kainat and postmortem was conducted which proved that Muqadas Kainat was gang raped and later strangled to death by five men.

The Farid Town Police Station registered FIR against unknown rapists and killers and started investigation but till filing this story none of culprit was arrested or detained by police.

Shaiwal is remote district of Punjab province of Pakistan and gang rape and murder of Muqadas Kainat failed to attract media attention or rush of NGO workers.

A Christian Youth leader of area is helping poor family to ensure justice whose name we are withholding due to his safety.