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Bishop Irfan Jamil blesses marriage of PCC President Lahore and LEAD Chief Advocate Mushtaq Gill

Lahore: November 17, 2012. (PCP) Rt. Rev. Bishop Irfan Jamil of Lahore Diocese of Church of Pakistan met here today with Mr. Mushtaq Gill Advocate, President of Pakistan Christian Congress Lahore and Chief of LEAD Pakistan to bless his marriage.

Mr. Gill Advocate’s marriage was solemnized in Lahore on November 11, 2012, in which large number of civil society activists and relatives participated.

In this meeting, Mr. Mushtaq Advocate told Bishop Irfan Jamil about the present status of Martha Bibi accused of blasphemy and Mr.Khuram Masih accused of blasphemy cases.

Bishop apologized by saying why mostly NGO,s make disturbed and complicate the blasphemy cases and do not prefer to give relief to victims of such cases.

Mr. Mushtaq Advocate, told honorable Bishop Jamil that LEAD is dealing in with 5th case and in all cases LEAD fight legally with passion and got relief for all the accused in shape of bail out or acquittal. He also shared that LEAD with limited resources doing work for persecuted Church in Pakistan.