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Blasphemy accusations against Christian youth in Punjab

Lahore: October 30, 2013. (PCP) A Christian named Tariq Yousaf son of Yousaf Masih aged 24-25 has been falsely implicated in a blasphemy at Thatha Faqeer Ullah, a Christian Colony , Wazirabad city, District Gujranwala, about 112 kilometer from Lahore.

Dr. Arif informed CLAAS that there is an application for the registration of a blasphemy case FIR in the Saddar Police Station Wazirabad through a local Muslim (not confirmed who) against Tariq Yousaf and asked for the legal and moral support in this case.

Dr. Arif informed that it was broadcasted by the loud speakers of the local mosques and also there is a call to the students of the colleges to come out on the roads for the protest demonstration for the registration of the case FIR and for the possible arrest of the accused in this case.

Tariq is escaped from the scene but the concerned police have taken his two brother Arif Yousaf aged 27 and Waris Yousaf aged 22 in custody.

According to the first information, Tariq Yousaf is a player of fireworks and has a private business to make fire stuff at home and supply among the people around to use in marriages. He has become famous in this art and has very good business to earn handsome income.

There was a marriage ceremony going on in the last week, Tariq provided fire stuff, after using the material they found that the paper which Tariq used it was from an Arabic book. Therefore they alleged him for blasphemy, blaming that he used the pages of Quran.