Christianity’s intriguing silence over immoral usury in Western Countries

By : Hem Raj Jain

To The Editor Sub:- Christianity’s intriguing silence over immoral usury in Western Countries Ref:- (i)- How can Christianity remain silent when Christians are being rendered as mere bonded labors due to devastatingly huge illegitimate usury resulting in untenable public debts (ii)- Presently Christian of Western Countries have freedom only to labor for servicing debts, cunningly dumped (an old trick of usurers) on governments beyond their paying capacities (iii)- Churches with huge assets at their command know the basic principle of lending & borrowing and are morally obliged to protect Christians from mischiefs of usurers (iv)- Basic principle of debt against collateral (consolidated funds , real estate), pledging etc were flouted in huge public debts but Christianity is not questioning it (v)- Christians have given immense respect, power and wealth to Churches but getting only apathy and sermons about other-world, in return (vi)- Christians are too demoralized to question Churches about their brazen selfishness Dear Sir The Entire Western World (Europe, USA etc) , predominantly Christian, is burning due to huge unemployment but Christianity (which decried usury all along its history) gives a picture of emperor Nero, as given below, who proverbially was playing the flute while Rome was burning :- (1)- The Entire Western World is reeling under huge public debt (even 100 to 200 % of GDP) and its people are left in a situation where entire legitimate income of their governments are barely enough to service the debt (payment of its interest and principal) with the result these governments are unable to invest in government programs for removing unemployment from these countries (which will always be there as it is impossible for private capital alone to generate total employment, which is sine-qua-non of any democracy) (2)- This grave situation has arrived because rulers and politicians of these Western Countries indulged in unbridled public borrowings and instead of utilizing these borrowings in productive assets for public welfare (which would have generated money to service the debt also) , indulged in profligacy with the result public debt kept on rising and reached the untenable proportion up to even 100 to 200 % GDP. This has deprived governments of their capacity to invest in public welfare with the result now political instability also exists in many countries of Western Christian World like Greece, France, Spain, Italy Portugal etc (3)- Even in USA the government is trying to lull its gullible people by giving statistics of GDP growth or some employment generated in one or two industry / sector while doing nothing worthwhile to remove huge unemployment from USA (for which correct government statistics will never be there in view of millions of illegal immigrants in USA) (4)- This entire unfortunate situation has arrived due to mischiefs of usurers who lended huge amount of money beyond collateral (consolidated funds, real estate of governments etc) which governments were under obligation to offer and which are supposed to be a pledge against these borrowings. Instead the skewed arguments were given that verbal pledge is enough as it is sovereign debt and governments have huge assets at their disposal (which can be considered collateral) and also governments have vast power to unlimitedly tax the people to service the debt. (5)- To what extent this license to usurers and to rulers / politicians to print currency without any asset back-up against so called government securities (not worth the paper these are written on) consequent to fiscal deficits, - has harmed the mankind and has shown the ineffectiveness of meaningless said verbal pledging of sovereign assets with money issuing authorities and has demonstrated the hollowness of the power of the governments to unlimitedly tax the people in order to pay back the so called sovereign debts - is easy to understand merely from three such examples of:- (A)- The European Countries Greece etc who has triggered the present Euro-Zone financial crises and political instability in Europe with adverse impact on the economies world over. (B)- The India (which apes the West blindly) where despite Article 292 and 293 of the Constitution, the State of West Bengal is reportedly under Rs 2 Trillion public debt with debt service annual liability of 220 Billion whereas income of government is only 210 Billion with the result State hardly has any money left to pay even the salaries of government servants. (C)- Bail-outs to Bankers (the usurers) from the money of the laboring people are given as a rule in Western Countries. (6)- But what is most amazing is that how can Christianity remain silent when Christians of these Western Countries are being rendered as mere bonded labors due to devastatingly huge illegitimate usury resulting in untenable public debts where they have freedom only to labor for servicing these debts which were cunningly dumped (an old trick of usurers) on governments beyond their paying capacities. After all contrary to the practice in India (where some monks and saints of Hindus including Jains, Bodhs, etc who move from one place to other mostly on foot therefore generally don't know about and don’t get involved much in this-worldly matters), the saints and preachers of Christianity, in addition to preach or give sermons about other-worldly matters, have immense wealth (immovable and immovable assets) with Churches. (7)- Therefore the Churches of Western Countries with so much assets at their command naturally know the basic principle of lending & borrowing and is morally obliged to protect Christians from mischiefs of usurers. But unfortunately the Christians of Western Countries who have given so much wealth, power and respect to Churches are in return getting only sermons about other-world from these Churches whereas the Usury (decried by Christianity all along its history) is having a field day in these Christian majority countries and which has ultimately resulted in inadequate growth to take care of unemployment in these Western Christian Countries. (8)- Here it is pertinent to add that this virus of unbridled usury of economically developed Western Christian World has already spread in developing countries too, with the worst result that the rulers / politicians of developing countries smugly say that when this unbridled usury has been adopted by Western developed World then it is the way we should also do it in developing World if we also want to become developed World like Western Christian World. (9)- It is evident that the toiling people, the majority, the victims of Western Christians World are too demoralized to question the Churches (which have immense power to influence the governments to remove this devastating usury from these Christian countries) about their brazen selfishness while overlooking the bonded labor condition of the toiling people of these countries due to this usury. Therefore Mankind can only hope that the Christianity will some day come out of its Nero role and will realize its commitment to protect the people from this immoral and unbridled usury which has already taken the gullible majority of the mankind in its fatal cancerous grip. Yours truly Hem Raj Jain (Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism') Minnesota, USA Presently at – Bangaluru, India

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