Members of Peshawar Diocese and Edwardes College invited my opinion; David L. Gosling (Dr)

By : David Gosling

Pakistan Christian Post
Dear Mr Bhatti
I have been asked by members of Peshawar Diocese and Edwardes College to give my professional opinion about the expectation of Bishop Humphrey S. Peters to become the first chancellor or vice-chancellor of the proposed Edwardes University.
I am opposed for the following reasons:
1.Humphrey S. Peters totally lacks academic credibility. He came to Edwardes College as a clerk, and although he was allowed to teach some English, he was never appointed as a lecturer. His MBA was given by Preston University before it was accredited by the HEC, and he has never published any serious articles or books.
2.The credentials of Humphrey Peters in the Church of Pakistan are very doubtful. He was ordained a deacon in the UK without any proper training and became bishop eight months later, contrary to the bye-laws of the Church which state that a priest must be ordained for a minimum of eight years before appointment as bishop. There was a Stay Order from the Karachi High Court against his appointment still in force at the time, which was ignored. His claim to be Bishop of Peshawar is therefore open to legal challenge. (Professor Shujaat Ali Khan of Edwardes College helped me to write to the Karachi High Court about this.)
3.Humphrey Peters is alleged to have been involved in criminal activities. These include a threat given to the college lawyer, Qazi Jawad Ehsanullah, not to assist me with a Stay Order against my illegal termination (I believe this was to stop me pursuing criminal proceedings against the former college bursar, Kanwal P. Isaacs, also diocesan treasurer).
4.During my time as Principal I was told of many occasions on which Humphrey Peters had behaved in a morally irresponsible manner. For example, I received a letter via the Governor’s Office claiming that a church member in Mardan had been offered a bribe by Humphrey Peters to disrupt another church’s activities. He took the money but then changed his mind, whereupon Peters threatened his family with violence. He complained to the Prime Minister, and the complaint reached me via the Governor’s Office. I have an Urdu copy.
5.When Edwardes College was partially nationalised, the Provincial Government issued a Notification of membership of the new Board chaired by the Governor. This was accompanied by an Ordinance, copies of which have been stolen from the college, the principal’s house and the provincial archives. I believe Humphrey Peters is responsible for their disappearance. Previous principals tell me that the Ordinance does not favour local church control of the college.
6.It is vital for the future growth and reputation of this great institution to have as chancellor and vice-chancellor competent and respected persons of high professional, academic and moral standing.
7.I hope Edwardes College can achieve degree-awarding status. We discussed it at my first Board meeting in 2006. But the sponsoring body must be wider than the Diocese of Peshawar.
David L. Gosling (Dr)
(former Principal of Edwardes College)
University of Cambridge, UK

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