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Letter To Editor

A Proud Pakistani Christian

Khalid Shahzad


Editor, Pakistan Christian Post

Greeting in the Name Lord Jesus Christ

Hope you are keeping well. Sir I am your old fane up till now when you started writing your column in to in that page where you proved that you are one of the best journalists who believe in truth and reality; many Anchor persons adopted your style and way of investigation but in vain. Dear Sir the blasphemous film has been produce in to U S A and film maker are from U S A. Who are not Christians? They are just by the name of Christians. We strongly condemn their production that hurt our Muslim brothers religious emotions, but sir we Christians in Pakistan are not involved in that production but why our Muslim brothers are angry on us? They try to threat and beaten us as well as burnt our church in Mardan KPK.

Sir, we are not demanding FIR against the culprits as blasphemy law 295 B, But Govt should do strong inquiries who are involved? The Chief Justice of Pakistan is still silent about this assassination, why? Is he is Chief Justice for one religion? We are Pakistani and proud to be Pakistani but the silence of judiciary is disappointed us in this way. Just think the Muslim is not Muslim when he never believes on Zaboor, Turat and Anjil as well as 124000 Prophets. What shall they do against other religion? Remishaw never do anything but the mob and local came out from houses and blocked the road try to burn her alive and decided social boycott of local Christians, The local Christians were left house to save their lives from angry mob in Maherabad Islamabad. We do believe on Peace and harmony we do believe on brother hood. We do believe That Muhammad(PBUH) Is Blessing for all over the nations but His Umma in Pakistan are doing against other religion. Unfortunately some Muslim Clerics and brothers dont accept us as human and Pakistani just looking us stranger, European and American agents and they are spreading this attitude in to grass root level which always cause of huge damage of our community

Now why our Muslims clerics are silent on that assassination in Mardan? Many holy bibles are burnt those are holy and created by God? But our Muslim clerics speech against Christians with the reference of Crusade war. Pakistani Christians has no concern with that Crusade war. Please dont spread this type of negative ideology against Pakistani Christians.

Sir, Christian community thankful to you for personal interest, efforts and improving understanding among all religion.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours

Khalid Shahzad, Director,

Dorothea center for special children


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